This Fair Usage Policy (“Policy”) covers Nici Hotels Limited (Company Number 09462800) and its associated companies whose registered office is at The Lathe, Northbrook, Farnham, GU10 5EU.

The Policy applies to all users of our WiFi wireless communication services and to all our internet related services (together the “Services”). The restrictions included in this Policy are in addition to the restrictions included in our WiFi Terms and Conditions, our Acceptable Use Policy and our Privacy Policy. Your use of our Services means that you accept, and agree to abide by the terms and policies referred to above (including this Policy).

Why is a fair use policy necessary?

A very small number of customers transfer large amounts of data throughout the day. This type of activity uses a lot of bandwidth and can significantly reduce the speed at which other customers can access the internet during peak hours. We don’t believe this is fair to the majority of our customers.

This Policy is designed to ensure that our customers experience the best possible on demand, quick and reliable Service.

What will happen if you do not comply with our fair usage policy?

Our Services are designed to be suitable for customers with a typical usage pattern. The Policy will affect you if you are one of the very few customers who make inappropriate use of the Services. You must make sure that any use of our Services, by you or any anyone else using your account, complies with this Policy. If your usage patterns are significantly higher from normal then you could be in breach of the Policy.

In particular, our WiFi service is intended for email, instant messaging, browsing the internet, using apps, and accessing corporate intranets (the “fair use”). You must immediately restrict your usage to the fair use. Streaming, peer to peer and other applications consume large amounts of bandwidth and data usage and are restricted under this Policy.

If you use more than 1GB any day or you breach our Policy, we reserve the right to issue a warning to you or to suspend or withdraw the Services immediately, temporarily or permanently or we may manage your bandwidth in such a way that may result in reduced service speeds. In addition, we may restrict the amount of bandwidth available to very heavy users during busy periods to ensure that the majority of our customers have a good experience. We may also, offer you the possibility to upgrade you to another package which is better suited to your usage.

You should also ensure that you have an up to date anti-virus and that you do regular virus scans on your computer, mobiles, tablets or any other device to ensure that a virus is not transferring data that you are unaware of.

Failure to comply with this Policy constitutes a material breach of any of our terms and conditions covering the Services that we are providing to you upon which you are permitted to use our Services.

Changes to the fair use policy

We may revise this Policy at any time by posting the updated version of the Policy to our site. You are expected to check this Policy from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are legally binding on you. Some of the provisions contained in this Policy may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site.

Last Update 18th November 2022.